August 10, 1968: Doctor Who in “The Dominators”

Season 5 – “The Wheel in Space”

Season 6 – “The Mind Robber”

The Doctor activates an emergency unit on board theTARDIS to escape destruction by a volcanic eruption. Unfortunately, it moves them out of normal space and time to a deadly world where fantasy rules. The travellers find themselves lured out of the ship into a ghostly white void.

First broadcast August 10 – September 7, 1968 on BBC 1 at 5.15pm; five parts

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Patrick Troughton – “Dr Who”
  • Frazer Hines and Hamish Wilson – “Jamie McCrimmon”
  • Wendy Padbury – “Zoe Heriot”
  • Ronald Allen – “Rago”
  • Brian Cant – “Tensa”


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Novelised as The Dominators

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