October 5, 1988: Doctor Who in “Remembrance of the Daleks”

Season 24 – “Dragonfire”

The Doctor and Ace are caught up in a fierce battle on Earth between two violently opposing factions of Daleks, who will stop at nothing to destroy one another.

First broadcast October 5 – 26, 1988 on BBC One at 7.35pm; four parts

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Sylvester McCoy – “The Doctor”
  • Sophie Aldred – “Ace”
  • Simon Williams – “Gilmore”
  • Pamela Salem – “Rachel”
  • George Sewell – “Ratcliffe”
  • Michael Sheard – “Headmaster”
  • Joseph Marcell – “John”
  • Terry Malloy – “Davros”


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Novelised as Remembrance of the Daleks

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