December 4, 1986: Doctor Who – “The Seeds of Death” published by Target Books

The Seeds of Death was a novelisation by Terrance Dicks, based on the 1969 Doctor Who television serial The Seeds of Death.

Returning to Earth in the 21st century, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe immediately find themselves caught in the midst of a crisis. T-Mat – a form of instantaneous transportation essential to the smooth running of life on Earth – is going disastrously wrong.
The Doctor discovers that the T-Mat Base on the Moon has been taken over by a group of Ice Warriors, led by the villainous Slaar. Their home a desolate and dying planet, the Martian invaders see Earth as a world ripe for conquest.
But before they can colonise Earth they must dramatically after its atmosphere. And so they unleash the Seeds of Death…

Publisher’s summary, 1986 edition

Find out more at the TARDIS Data Core*

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