December 30, 1978: Doctor Who in “The Power of Kroll”

In search of the fifth segment of the Key to Time, the Doctor and Romana arrive on the third moon of Delta Magna where Romana is captured by the native, green-skinned Swampies.

First broadcast December 30, 1978 on BBC 1 at 6.15/6.30/6.25pm; four parts

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Tom Baker – “Doctor Who”
  • Mary Tamm – “Romana”/”Princess Strella”
  • Neil McCarthy – “Thawn”
  • John Abineri – “Ranquin”
  • Philip Madoc – “Fenner”
  • Glyn Owen – “Rohm-Dutt”
  • John Leeson – “Dugeen”
  • Robert Holmes – writer

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Novelised as Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll

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