January 18, 1979: “Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear” published by Target Books

Doctor Who and the Hand of Fear was a novelisation by Terrance Dicks, based on the 1976 Doctor Who television serial The Hand of Fear.

The Tardis lands in England, and Sarah, the Fourth Doctor’s companion, looks forward to going home.
A freak accident in a quarry leaves the unconscious Sarah clutching an enormous stone Hand.
The Hand is the only surviving remnant of Eldrad, an alien super-being expelled from his planet, Kastria – and it has the power to control the human mind. Using Sarah as its instrument, the Hand goes in search of the atomic energy it needs to regenerate Eldrad’s body.
Eldrad is determined to return to Kastria and punish his enemies. The Doctor and Sarah are caught up in the terrifying conclusion of a drama of betrayal and revenge that began millions of years ago.

Publisher’s summary, 1979 edition

Find out more at the TARDIS Data Core*


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