February 12, 1959: “Separate Tables” released in British cinemas

Separate Tables is a drama film based on two one-act plays by Terence Rattigan that were collectively known by this name.

During the off-season at the Beauregard Hotel, the secrets of some guests are exposed. Lovely but vulnerable Ann Shankland travels to the hotel in hopes of starting over with her ex-husband, John, but she does not know that he is already engaged to Pat Cooper, the manager of the hotel. Meanwhile, Mrs. Railton-Bell and her daughter Sibyl discover the hidden truth about war veteran Major Pollack.

  • Released in British cinemas February 12, 1959
  • Broadcast on British television December 14, 1985 on BBC 2

The international stage success seen by more than 42 million people in 145 cities all over the world!

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Rita Hayworth – “Anne Shankland”
  • Deborah Kerr – “Sibyl Railton-Bell”
  • David Niven – “Major David Angus Pollock”
  • Burt Lancaster – “John Malcolm”
  • Wendy Hiller – “Pat Cooper”
  • Rod Taylor – “Charles”

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Based on the stage play Separate Tables

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