Steve Backley (1969-)

Steve Backley, OBE (born February 12, 1969) is a retired British track and field athlete who competed in the javelin throw. He formerly held the world record, and his 91.46 m throw from 1992 is the British record. During his career, he was a firm fixture in the British national athletics team. Currently, he is an occasional commentator for athletics competitions, especially the field events.

20th Century Highlights

  • 1990 Commonwealth Games, Auckland – Gold (England)
  • 1990 European Championships, Split – Gold (Great Britain)
  • 1992 Olympic Games, New Zealand – Bronze, and a British Record of 91.46m, then a World Record (still standing)
  • 1994 European Championships, Helsinki – Gold
    (Great Britain)
  • 1994 Commonwealth Games, Victoria – Gold (England)
  • 1995 World Championships, Gothenburg – Silver
    (Great Britain)
  • 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta – Silver
    (Great Britain)
  • 1997 World Championships, Athens – Silver
    (Great Britain)
  • 1998 European Championships, Budapest – Gold
    (Great Britain)
  • 1998 Commonwealth Games, Kualar Lumpur – Silver (England)


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