Season 16

Season 16 of Doctor Who starred Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Mary Tamm as Romana I and John Leeson as K9 Mark II. This season saw the introduction of the Black and White Guardians as well as the companion Romana I who became the first Time Lady companion since Susan. This season is sometimes colloquially known as The Key to Time season after the story arc involving the Key to Time.

The Key to Time

The Key to Time was a powerful and legendary artefact which the Guardians of Time used to maintain the equilibrium of time itself, controlling omniversal order and chaos. It was a perfect crystalline cube split into six pieces, with each of the Guardians responsible for a piece, as it would be the end of time without the Key.

The Ribos OperationThe Pirate PlanetThe Stones of BloodThe Androids of TaraThe Power of KrollThe Armageddon Factor

The Ribos Operation

The Pirate Planet

The Stones of Blood

The Androids of Tara

The Power of Kroll

First broadcast December 23, 1978 – January 13, 1979

The Doctor and Romana arrive on the marsh moon of Delta Magna in search of the next segment of the Key to Time. They are caught in the conflict between the native Swampies and the crew of a chemical refinery. The presence of a gun runner complicates matters; to make things worse, the Swampies intend to awaken Kroll, the giant god that lives beneath the swamps. [TARDIS Data Core]

Stills from “The Power of Kroll” [BBC]

Notable Cast

  • Neil McCarthy, “Thawn”
  • John Abineri, “Ranquin”
  • Philip Madoc, “Fenner”
  • Glynn Owen, “Rohm-Dutt
  • John Leeson, “Dugeen”

Novelised as Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll in 1980

The Armageddon Factor