Irwin Allen

Irwin Allen

Irwin Allen (June 12, 1916 – November 2, 1991) was an American television, documentary and film director and producer with a varied career who became known as the “Master of Disaster” for his work in the disaster film genre.


  • Where Danger Lives (1950), starring Robert Mitchum
  • Double Dynamite (1951), starring Jane Russell, Groucho Marx, and Frank Sinatra
  • A Girl in Every Port (1952), starring Groucho Marx and William Bendix
  • The Sea Around Us (1953), directorial debut
  • Dangerous Mission (1954), in 3D, and starring Victor Mature, William Bendix, Piper Laurie and Vincent Price

Warner Brothers

  • The Animal World (1956), director
  • The Story of Mankind (1957), starring the Marx Brothers, Ronald Colman, Hedy Lamarr, Vincent Price and Dennis Hopper
  • The Big Circus (1959), starring Victor Mature, Red Buttons, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price
  • Flood! (TV movie, 1976), starring Robert Culp, Barbara Hershey, Richard Bashart, and Roddy McDowell
  • Fire! (TV movie, 1977), starring Ernest Borgnine, Alex Cord, Donna Mills, and Erik Estrada
  • Viva Knievel! (1977), starring Evel Knievel, Gene Kelly and Lauren Hutton
  • The Return of Captain Nemo (TV miniseries, and film, 1978), starring José Ferrer, Burgess Meredith, and Mel Ferrer
  • The Swarm (1978), starring Michael Caine, Richard Widmark, Richard Chamberlain, Olivia de Havilland, José Ferrer, and Henry Fonda.
  • Hanging by a Thread (TV movie, 1979), starring Sam Groom
  • Beyond the Poseidon Adventure (1979), starring Michael Caine, Telly Savalas, and Sally Field
  • When Time Ran Out (1980), starring Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, William Holden, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Burgess Meredith, Pat Morita, and Barbara Carrera.
  • The Night the Bridge Fell Down (TV movie, 1983), starring James MacArthur, Desi Arnaz Jr, and Leslie Nielsen
  • Cave-In! (TV movie, 1983), starring Dennis Cole, Susan Sullivan, Leslie Nielsen, and Ray Milland

20th Century Fox


  • The Lost World (1960), starring Claude Rains, David Hedison, Fernando Lamas, Jill St John, and Michael Rennie
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961), starring Walter Pidgeon, Robert Sterling, Peter Lorre, Joan Fontaine, Barbara Eden, Michael Ansara, and Frankie Avalon
  • Five Weeks in a Balloon (1962), starring Red Buttons, Fabian, Barbara Eden, Cedric Hardwicke, Peter Lorre, and Barbara Luna.
  • The Poseidon Adventure (1972), starring Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Jack Albertson, Shelley Winters, and Red Buttons.
  • The Towering Inferno (1974), starring Paul Newman and Steve McQueen


  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1964-1968), starring Richard Basehart and David Hedison
  • Lost in Space (1965-1968), starring June Lockhart, Billy Mumy, and Jonathan Harris
  • The Time Tunnel (1966-1967), starring James Darren, Robert Colbert, Whit Bissell, and Lee Meriweather
  • Land of the Giants (1968-1970)
  • Man from the 25th Century (TV short, 1968), starring James Darren
  • City Beneath the Sea (TV movie, 1971), starring Stuart Whitman, Robert Colbert, Robert Wagner, and Richard Basehart
  • Adventures of the Queen (TV movie, 1975), starring Robert Stack and David Hedison
  • The Swiss Family Robinson (1975-1976)
  • Time Travelers (TV film, 1976), starring Sam Groom and Richard Basehart


  • Code Red (TV series, 1981-1982), starring Lorne Greene and Sam J Jones
  • Alice in Wonderland (TV miniseries, 1985), starring Red Buttons, Anthony Newley, Roddy McDowall, Pat Morita, and Robert Morley