January 25, 1949 at 8.30pm: First screen version of H G Wells’ The Time Machine aired on the BBC

Morlock Sphinx

The first visual adaptation of H G Wells’ The Time Machine was a live teleplay broadcast from Alexandra Palace at 8.30pm on January 25, 1949 by the BBC Television Service, which starred Russell Napier as the Time Traveller and Mary Donn as Weena. No recording of this live broadcast was made; the only record of the production is the script and a few black and white still photographs. A reading of the script, however, suggests that this teleplay remained fairly faithful to the book.

January 25, 1969: Doctor Who in “The Seeds of Death”

Season 6 – “The Krotons”

Season 6 – “The Space Pirates”

The TARDIS arrives on Earth where T-Mat has revolutionised travel. However, the Ice Warriors have seized control and use T-Mat to distribute Martian seed pods across the world.

First broadcast January 25 – March 1, 1969 on BBC 1 at 5.15pm; six parts

Notable Cast & Crew

  • Patrick Troughton – “Dr Who”
  • Frazer Hines – “Jamie McCrimmon”
  • Wendy Padbury – “Zoe Heriot”
  • Ronald Leigh-Hunt – “Radnor”
  • Brian Hayles – writer


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Novelised as The Seeds of Death

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